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18 May 2009 @ 05:06 pm
where i go blah blah  
Once again I could find myself quite stunned at the process of having to process. There's also the part that thinks maybe I'm being too hard on someone who is so clearly desperate to be forgiven. But despite this past year and how it changed me, I know I still believe in some things, people for instance, and trying to do good (which makes me an unfit Darwinist in a sense). And in childhood, despite its cruelties. So when you ask why a continuum of sorrys is not enough, it's because I still refuse to process the fact that things have changed you in ways I cannot recognize. For me, you were always the good guy.

In perkier news, Chris says she has learned to fry food, I have eaten my dose of spicy chicken Yakisoba and I love Kris Allen.

Comment ni Edrie: And you emo-posted again. Haha.